That darn Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is known for dredging up the past … and I’m a chronic thinker anyway … sooo..

That combined with an old back injury flaring up, had me texting my ex husband. In my defense, he is a nurse… And I had a specific question regarding specific spinal discs damage of mine … A situation he helped me through in the past…So short of having my doctor records, ( which also thanks to mercury retrograde the doctors office was seemingly unable to pull up )

I didn’t have a better option.

Not only was he extremely helpful and sympathetic, but he said this :

You were a part of my life .. I was too young.. but I’m still the same person

You are set in stone as part of my history .. but I’ve matured ( later in life socially ) in part because of my Mormonism and other part my family drama .. but I’m thankful you put up with it

So … it’s not the apology I would’ve liked, but it’s the best one I have received since we separated and divorced.

It’s the first time he said anything I believed to be heartfelt .

Unfortunately, I told him to message me next time he was in town. I’m not really sure why I did that… Except for a brief moment of mental illness where I fantasized about us working it out … ok sex 🤣

( yeah, I’m so gonna blame that shit on the Retrograde too )

Anyway, thankfully my flare up has passed.

Speaking of flare up and exes… Awesome ( one time fwb ) showed back up again.

There’s a special place in my heart for him, as he was the first man to make me feel beautiful and wanted again after my divorce… But, at the end of the day, he only offers sex… I want more than that.

So, I used my back as an excuse to blow him off. And he reacted as I expected.. poof… came back a week or two later, and I used the still recovering as an easy out.

I’m not sure why I didn’t just tell him the truth. Of course being who I am, I had to internally debate that for a few days 🙄

And then, started thinking about someone else I blew off…

I started thinking about how I spent every moment looking for reasons why something wouldn’t work…. instead of giving him a chance.

Positive Mercury Retrograde Vibes

You might think Mercury retrograde is a bad thing… Or more technically a bad time…

And there are certainly things to be mindful of during these periods. Current one being July 7 through the 31st

One of the most important things that I have found to be mindful of… Is your vibes. Being positive minded is everything

I came across this and wanted to share for anyone who might be interested…

because I really like this perspective on it.

So that’s my favorite of the positive memes I found…. but these are good too…

And lastly, keep your sense of humor

Ready to transform ?

* Written by Alex Myles

We are heading into Mercury Retrograde while still recovering from the highly energized waves that occurred due to the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will have been sensing the intensity in the atmosphere for the past week or two due to the shadow period that precedes Mercury retrograde, and may have felt highly perceptive, intuitive, and extra sensitive.

Our emotions may have been shifting gears from extremely high to drastically low in a very short space of time leaving us feeling drained, pushed, pulled, jolted and overall as though we are losing control. We may still be experiencing some of the after effects from this, however, generally these intense, whirlwind-like emotions will now be simmering down.

Mercury retrograde is here and it usually tips our lives out of alignment and causes flurries of arguments, troubles, and strife to flare up—however it is so important to remember that it is all for our highest good – purely so our awareness is raised and we see who and what we are prioritising, where we are placing our energy and focus and what needs eliminated from our lives.

We are about to shed many layers of old skin and go through a major transformation and we are more than ready for it. We have been through a major period of soul growth and are now ready to release all the negativity that has been clogging and cluttering up our lives so we can make way for what the new reality waiting for us. Mostly though it is so important and essential to be kind, patient and loving to ourselves and others as we work our way through these highly charged few weeks.

During Mercury Retrograde old emotional injuries may be brought to the surface and we may notice we are triggered more than usual due to past painful memories popping up. It is possible someone from our past may get in contact or we may feel compelled to reach out to someone that we have an unclosed chapter with. Ultimately this is so closure can occur and we can heal our open wounds.

These intensely felt energy waves could cause an emotional release of unhealed, denied or unacknowledged emotional or psychological wounds that we might have knowingly or unknowingly previously suppressed. We are going through immense healing and rejuvenation.

During this week brilliant rays of light will be shining on these darker aspects of our lives and a purging or unearthing will take place so the things that have been holding us back can be acknowledged, processed and let go of. When these things are brought to light on the surface the current energy will assist in providing acceptance, understanding and forgiveness and all karmic attachments to the situation will naturally dissipate.

Although it may sound unsettling to think of our immediate and distant situations being shaken up, it is a vital process so that dense, low vibrational elements can be heard and given the opportunity to be released so our energy can flow freely.

Sirius is currently charging our planet’s Sun, so solar energy is going to be amplified – thus also magnifying the Moon’s energy. Sirius is associated with new beginnings, new insights, new light, new awareness, and new thinking, and brings with it new levels of conscious awakening.

The surge of light waves emanating from Sirius carry an influx of divine wisdom and advanced knowledge from higher realms (known as ascension light codes) that stream toward our planet, and when integrated through our energy field, are said to awaken our consciousness, and activate our DNA, creating a huge shift and advancing soul growth.

While this energy portal is open, Sirius’ rays infiltrate planet Earth and help accelerate our personal and spiritual evolution.

This gifts Earth a brief and rare opportunity (known as a “star gate”) to absorb the energy from one of the brightest and most supercharged celestial bodies in our sky.

This is a time for life-altering and transformative occurrences that encourage us to stop procrastinating and work rapidly toward our goals and dreams. It is known as a beneficial period whereby plans we have been trying to manifest for some time quickly and effortlessly become a reality.

It is also a time for purging anything no longer in alignment with our authentic selves; therefore, bad habits and anything destructive in our lives—including obsessions, repetitive thinking, and toxic relationships—will naturally disintegrate. To assist this, our focus needs to be on letting go of attachments to people, belongings, or situations that have caused trauma and turbulence so we can transcend old patterns of behavior and move toward beautiful connections with affectionate and authentic souls.

To activate and absorb these light codes, it is recommended to meditate each morning and evening throughout this period to maintain a harmonic vibration so easily resonate with and magnetise whatever it is we are hoping to attract and receive.

Our intuition will be extremely high right now and we will be experiencing many moments of deja-vu and synchronicities. We may have noticed an increased amount of repeated number sequences or unusual and coincidental happenings more than normal over the previous few weeks in preparation for this high frequency energy.

The term “synchronicity” was coined by Carl Jung and he explained that regular occurrences are more than just “frequent coincidences” and appear specifically to align us to our highest potential by showing us the reality behind the dream-like world we exist in. They are sharp and sudden unmistakable jolts that are delivered by the universe in the form of subliminal messages. They are sent to gently shake us so that we arise from slumber and no longer walk around in a sleep-like state.

The reason synchronicities feel so highly significant is because they are confirmations that we are exactly where we are meant to be, or who we are meant to meet, at the exact right time. Whenever we place our faith in these occurrences we will be rewarded by more of the same. Each event, whether minor or major, will direct us closer toward our unique and divine higher purpose.

Some initial signs that this retrograde is in force will be feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue and basically struggling to pull ourselves together to do anything but mull around feeling irritated and lethargic and wondering what it is that hit us.

When the vibration hits us we can try to push against it, however, it will just exhaust us further. Instead, it can be highly beneficial to trust our intuition, have faith in the universe, flow with it and see where it wants to lead us.

It is worthwhile to tread lightly and with caution during this time, and it is not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to make life-changing decisions during a retrograde. This is a time for reflection, reexamination, discernment, introspection, and caution. We need to remain balanced and rest in preparation for the life-altering times ahead.

Retrogrades are catalysts for positive transformation and radiate immensely powerful bursts of supercharged cosmic energy that dramatically shake and alter our lives, giving us the opportunity to wipe the karmic slate clean and turn things completely around – always for the better.