Friday Find

I was all set to purchase the glitter ✨ converse✨ and then THESE came out !!!

Decisions Decisions



Smiles Two

I love this reader as well. I did find him a tad annoying in the beginning… too rushed

But I quickly found myself responding in a positive way. Probably because I liked what he had to say… But I also like his energy in delivering it

So, it looks like August is going to be a good month for me.

But, I had decided that before I watched the videos.

I have been working on manifesting my dreams. Claiming what I want for my future.

I’m realizing that I can make my dreams come true… On a level grander than I ever imagined

Watch me now 😎

Scorpio Smiles

Going to share a couple videos I’m excited about .. lots of things resonating with me… lots of things to think about. Looks like I’m going to have to share them separately… Word press does not seem to want to cooperate with two videos in one post tonight

This reader feels good to me. Feels centered … developed and spiritual…

So… Maybe you watch all of the videos… Maybe just some

Maybe none

That’s all ok 😀

I just wanted to share things that I am interested in. Exploring.

Let me know what you think.

I hid my interest in this for a long time… Like many I was raised to believe this was wrong… Even evil.

I no longer believe that.

What I believe now is that anything in life can be both good and bad. This being no different.

I believe that you need to be careful. Mindful. Living in the light

❤️ ✨


I couldn’t sleep last night. Actually I haven’t been sleeping well for a while now.

Things are very stressful at work… But I can’t really blame it on that. I feel so much inner conflict… And I’m not even sure why.

I feel this pressure on my chest… and I know it is not a physical cause.

The other day, I took a Valium just to relax… And I hadn’t needed to do that in a long time.

First world problems. My mind is so quick to be critical. Even of my own pain.

I did a lot of crying today. That’s a good thing actually. I don’t let myself cry very often.

Childhood lessons.

So then I was getting ready for bed, and I decided to go searching for answers. I went looking for universal reasons for what I have been feeling.

I looked through a few video titles… And then this one caught my eye.

Almost as soon as she began speaking, I knew I was meant to hear this message.

Of course she speaks the language of glitter and sparkle… So there’s that.

Anyway, I had a real good cry listening to this video. But now, I feel like I can sleep. I feel like I can breathe, and I feel the light coming back to me

So, if you’re curious I thought I would share…

Feeling pretty

Recently I had lunch with a single girlfriend in her 30s I believe… A Brazilian bombshell. I call her Miss America.

I always think men must be falling all over her… I imagined her dating life to be easy.

No, interestingly enough we had many of the same issues or complaints…

Anyway, I told her that I am constantly trying the dating websites and then stepping away… The whole swiping culture can be really hard on one’s self-esteem…

I often start picking apart my appearance. If people don’t like me, I convince myself it is because of my body. I am curvy… Fluffy…

She told me that she has several friends who were much larger than me… And had great boyfriends… The difference was, they believed they were a hot commodity… Its how I feel about myself… How i project myself to others.

Kind of the whole I feel pretty thing…

I really been thinking about that. Actually I’ve been doing more than thinking… I’ve been correcting my thinking. I have also been spending more time doing things that make me feel good… Dressing pretty, doing my hair… Doing my make up

I went to a party last week, and when I walked into the party everyone noticed… They commented on how great I looked… And the fact of the matter is, almost nothing in my appearance has changed since the last time they saw me

I just felt pretty

Now to try to stay there.

Tonight is tough. I’m struggling with depression. I feel alone and lonely.

And I got burned getting my Brazilian maintenance today and I’m literally sitting spread eagle with ice packs on my bits.

So tomorrow will be better