Finding a white feather on a day that I felt really abandoned and alone… doesn’t feel random, But a reminder that God loves me

Regarding Mercury

I am learning about astrology, and my own personal chart… I’m passing along information for anyone else who might be interested. The first article here is addressing Mercury in astrology

The second is for me specifically — or anyone else here who might have mercury in Scorpio ♏️ Pretty interesting information

What’s your sign ?

So I had my chart done, and I’m sharing it here with you…

I am still in the infancy stages of learning… So if you have thoughts to share, feel free to do so.

I was quite interested to learn that besides my Sun sign of being a Scorpio, I also have my moon in Leo…

Kind of an interesting combination, and sheds some light on my personality.

So tell me, what’s YOUR sign ? 😎 🦂

Some signs/symbols

I see butterflies 🦋 all the time. The other day I had just finished a reading that said everything was hearts and butterflies… Walked outside, and was immediately greeted by a butterfly

Make my heart soar with you friend 🦋❤️

Today, I also saw a lady bug. 🐞 Here is a take on that.

I have always loved both of these animals. Aside from the symbolism here, I find them very childlike and playful… They always make me smile and lighten up.

Anyway, I find it very interesting… I found the more I am open and aware, the more I am able to observe and take in.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!