Easter Reflections

I’ve been reflecting this weekend on the Easter message.

Actually, Messages. Plural .

Unconditional love. Love on a level that I can hardly fathom.

I can still remember the first sermon the day I returned to church … ” You can’t out sin God.”

I sat there in that church, tears streaming down my face.

The devil lies to us. We sin and we feel shame and he whispers that we can never be forgiven … that we are unloveable… and if we listen, we can get lost in the darkness

But God has already forgiven our sins.

Regardless of what we’ve done.

Sometimes you just have to have faith.

Everything is possible. There is always hope. We don’t have to live in darkness. We are not our sins.. they have been wiped clean

Something I have reflected on many times in my own life….

days of darkness when I didn’t think I would make it through… Times when I had all but given up… Stuck in my own pain and fear…

Imagine the pain and fear Jesus has to feel… the darkness and despair.

It is finished.

On the other side of the darkness is dawn. Renewal. Victory. Beginnings.

I woke up early this morning and was walking my dog… The birds were singing, there was dew in the grass… a breeze floating through the air and sunlight on my hair…

And just for a moment…. In the quiet enjoyment of these things, I knew I was walking with God.

Just for a moment, I was in heaven. Except my Sandy, Bluebell and Doc.

On the day that my walk is finished, I hope they greet me. ❤️ Like my God, I know they live again too.

Happy Easter my friends. It’s a new day



If you believe

I’ve been stressed this week. I had a problem that felt insurmountable. I’ve worked the problem over and over in my mind… Day and night.

I came up with a scenario that would fix it…. felt almost like daydreaming… It was such an unlikely scenario…

I almost asked for help, but decided against it.

Yesterday afternoon, my perfect little scenario dropped in my lap.

I often worry about being on my own… But every time I need, God provides.

Even when I worry rather than ask.


I spent Saturday with my best friend… We just hung out and talked at her house, and then watched some Netflix together… Oh and of course wine… Lots of wine 🍷

Her husband and daughter were there as well… They feel like family. They are my family.

My best friend knows everything there is to know about me. In many ways, I feel like she is my true soulmate.

Leaving and driving home with Wyatt…( my dog ) I was thinking about the differences in our lives.

She has all the things in life that I wish I had… And she deserves every one of them. She has worked hard for every relationship and every material thing.

So I look at it more as wishful thinking than envy.

I wonder what God’s plan is for my life.

Sunday I woke up and felt lonely… The guy I was excited about talking to, really cooled since Thursday night.

There could be 1 million reasons why… But at the end of the day , it doesn’t really matter why…

I stopped myself… I wasn’t going to feel sad… I was going to feel glad.

So I took Wyatt and we went to one of the places that I love.

As a Scorpio, and empath… I need water to breathe. To cleanse and heal my soul.

To feel God

So which path to take?

Of course I took the trail less traveled

Just before we went down this trail, I found a large piece of driftwood.

Perfect for moving brush aside… And also should I potentially come across a snake.

At least that’s what I told myself 😀

Interesting to note the symbolism of driftwood….

Well down this path, we found some interesting things

I don’t know what it is… Or why it’s by the lake…

And then I found this:

It was on the ground… But I knew it was a sign… And I knew someone else might come along …..and need the same sign, so I raised it

This is what I was listening to :

I don’t know why my life works out the way it does… But I do know that I will have who and what God wants me to have… in his time

It occurred to me that every single person that crosses my path teaches me a lesson along the way… And maybe that’s their only purpose.

I only talked to him briefly… But I wanted to be less guarded… More Vulnerable… more true to who I am and what I want

I wanted to let someone in.

And I was trying…. I feel like this is what God wanted me to see

Some other pics from my Glad day

That last one… that’s my 💜 that’s GLAD ❤️


So, I noticed the other day that a long time friend on Fet Life ( kinky FB kind of ) lives very close to one of my life long best friends…

He is someone that used to date a friendly acquaintance of mine… And someone that I have talked to, and respected for years.

And it occurred to me that their weirdness just might be compatible.

Only she runs more in the “vanilla ” ( non kink ) world…. But, She knows about me and my desires… And has never judged me…

I felt like if these things happened organically, she could make her own choices… Follow her own desires…

Like me, she has been healing from old wounds…and lost in hibernation mode. Him too…

They were both interested in talking…

So I took his number and gave it to her.

That was yesterday. Today they talked..,

And today, they played a game on me… And pretended they didn’t hit it off… So of course I was feeling really badly.

I was wondering why I opened that door…

And then they told me that they had talked for over three hours, and they were having dinner on Monday night. They both really liked each other.

So taking a chance worked out good.

I’ve been talking to someone myself. Only for a few days… But I like him, and I’m interested… And I’m taking a chance too

Scary. It’s hard to be vulnerable.

But I tell myself that the only way to get what I really want us to walk through the fear.

I haven’t really heard from him today… And that makes me sad a little… But people have lives and it’s early…

And, I know I’m going to be OK either way.


so, cross your fingers for my friends. They have their first date soon

Product ❤️

I want to introduce you to a product I tried recently. This is a face spritzer and I am in love ❤️❤️

About Face

Check out their Facebook page, and try it!

I love the smell especially. Very uplifting

* yes, not my usual post… But I’m not fencing myself into any one thing anymore ( in case you hadn’t already noticed 😀 )