Wow, so it’s been nearly a year since TEB ( the ex boyfriend ) broke up with me and I moved back to Texas from N Carolina. It wasn’t my first rodeo for sure, but it was the first relationship in many, many years where I felt loved for who I truly am…. as well as having hope for not spending the rest of my life alone.

I sold nearly everything that I owned to move to N Carolina to be with him. Despite the fact that it didn’t work out, and I am still in rebuilding mode, I have no regrets. Zero. If anything, I am proud of myself for taking a chance and going all in. I am proud of myself for being strong enough to do what most people never will.

I am proud of myself for starting over, not once after my marriage ended… but twice with this relationship, and for coming out of it a stronger and better person.

I found a new job that gives me challenge and purpose. Sure, ultimately I don’t want my life to be about work… but it really helped me keep one foot in front of the other, and to rebuild my confidence in myself. I’m really good at it.

Anyway, at first I started dating again… trying to put a band aid on my hurt. But my heart wasn’t in it. I really felt a pretty strong dislike, distrust…. oh I don’t know… just generally nothing good in terms of men. I tried to find a good man… a nice guy… but again, just knew I was going through the motions. That wasn’t fair to anyone.

So I decided to take a break… and then decided I liked the break. So now it is many, many months later and I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

Not having sex for months on end sucks… but my mind is clear and my decisions are sound.

And, I have someone special in my life. We haven’t met in person yet, but we have been talking for eight months now. My friend Cheeky “introduced” me online to a male friend of hers who lives local to me.

That is a story for another day.

Anyway… I needed time to breathe. And I took it. And I changed.

Still the original glitter girl 🙂

So what is this blog going to be? I’m not sure yet. But I hope you’ll welcome me back into your world and join me on a new path.






26 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Welcome back! So glad to hear that you are doing well, took the break that you needed to become yourself again. And of course, we envelope you with open arms, hearts and minds!!

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  2. Omg, Cinn!!! It sounds like I introduced you to a creeper!!! Lol. Ok. Maybe not. But you’ll write about how I’ve known him since kindergarten, right?? How we went through elementary and high school together, right? How our families have lived in the same neighborhood for 40 years, right? How I’ve just recently forgiven him for not asking me out in our twenties, right? How he said he appreciated my forgivness too, right??? Lol.

    I’ll always be grateful for Hunter, btw. It wasn’t right and that’s ok. But I love that you both had the experience of knowing each other. ❤️

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  3. I’m so proud of you cinny poo. Your growth and wisdom this year have given me hope! I can’t wait till you get your present 😉

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  4. I’m new to this party and apparently QUITE late, like there’s a bunch of empty bottles around, furniture everywhere, glitter from ceiling to floor everywhere 😉 , and only a repeating, stuck 33rpm vinyle going round & round on the stereo… WTH did I miss???

    Seriously, “love” and relationships, making them work while allowing them to have space & freedom to grow and be themselves… is extremely tricky, eh? HAH!!! (laughing) Guess I should welcome you back to Singlehood? (big grin?)

    Singlehood is sadly and greatly under-rated — it should be held in much higher esteem by all. I’ve enjoyed it since 2002, then again in 2008 til today! Woot woot! What I have found hilarious during it all is how and WHY people/friends (female friends primarily) think I should date this person or that person… which reveals a LOT about their perception of you!!! Hahahaha!

    Anyway… welcome back? (wink)

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    1. I forgot I wanted to come back and give my applause & admiration for what you wrote here, and have done…

      “I am proud of myself for starting over, not once after my marriage ended… but twice with this relationship, and for coming out of it a stronger and better person.”

      Bravo C&S! That took a lot of uncommon courage and snubbing fear that often suffocates. Well done. Indeed, that is how we learn to… fail better, turning each challenge into opportunity rather than stagnation. Congrats! 🙂

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