Say When

I watched this movie the other day ” The Mexican” …. Awful movie really, but this scene stuck in my head. As a divorced person, I feel a sense of failure that I didn’t answer never… I said when.

I wonder if I am truly able to give this answer. Never.  I’d like to believe I am.

More than that, I wonder if someone will ever say it . and mean it…. to me.


3 thoughts on “Say When

  1. This is just my personal experience, but, This movie, and this scene specifically, is not reality. There are times in life when it is absolutely necessary to say when, instead of never. And even then, that doesnt mean that the love you have for someone just disappears. Sometimes circumstances change, life changes, people change, and sometimes they change for the worse. Saying when is not a failure….sometimes saying when is your life preserver. The only thing keeping you from drowning. So please dont feel like a failure! You are not one!

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      1. You’re very sweet! Ive battled with the same feelings, so I understand where you’re coming from. Feelings of failure are easy to slip into. We cant buy into that lie though. All of life is an experience. We can either let the hard experiences crush us…or teach us to stand taller! Hugs!! ❤

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