Walking Towards

I find myself wondering at times what I would do in certain situations… bad situations….dangerous situations.

I am ex-military, but I was in the Air Force. Even at that, I was a dental assistant. Sure, I had some training… some war games… but it’s a far cry from the Marines. I guess I have forgotten some of it. Or maybe there wasn’t anything to forget. Maybe I’m a fraud. Someone that slipped through the cracks without someone noticing I wasn’t really all that…

Anyway… The other day I was out shopping for Easter decorations and I heard screaming in the store. At first I wasn’t sure what I was hearing… My mind quickly ran through various scenarios. And do I want to get involved? Should I ?

I see people looking around….looking at each other. More screaming. I realize that I am walking directly towards the screaming. Not fast…not slow… purposely. I round the corner and see a woman laying on the floor and another woman kneeling by her screaming hysterically because it’s her mother and she doesn’t know what to do.

There are a couple people standing around. Nobody knows CPR… that’s what is being discussed…..Only she’s breathing.

I have my phone in my hand and I’m dialing 911. I’m passing information to them, and asking the daughter their questions. She is still hysterical. I am calm and ask her questions more loudly and firmly. She calms a little with each answer.

Her mother had a seizure, but it’s over. History of stroke. Roll her on her side.

The ambulance has arrived, and I pick up my things to resume shopping. Some of the people standing around thank me. The manager comes over to thank me.

Really what did I do? I called 911 like most five year olds can do. I remained calm and took control of the situation.

It’s not like I ran into a burning building. It’s not like someone had a gun.

I have been in situations where I was in fear for my own safety. Each time I shut down. I failed to defend myself. I hate that. I hate that I was frozen in fear.

I never thought I’d be that girl. Weak.

I don’t want to be.

Maybe this is just a tiny step towards seeing that I’m not.

Even if it’s just walking towards the screams.

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11 thoughts on “Walking Towards

  1. First, good job! So many people run away, but you helped and did a very good thing. Just calling 911 would’ve been enough. But you talked to the hysterical daughter, relayed info. I’m sure she is so grateful for that.
    When my middle was 14months, she nearly died. It still gives me nightmares. And I carried her in my arms and though I knew what I should do, and I tried, I was completely hysterical. And no one helped. People that were outside, went back in when I stepped out screaming (trying to meet a very delayed ambulance). Finally, a bad man neighbor (truly) helped.
    Anyway, long story to say… what you did was admirable, commendable, special. Own that. ❤

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  2. Military or not, you did what anyone would do. Your reaction to the situation was perfect: calm, commanding and in control. When people are freaking out, it does nothing to calm the one in distress. Seems like your military background kicked in and you done as you were taught to do. I have great respect for you. You served our country and thank you for your service!

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  3. I dont think you’re weak. Perhaps when others are in danger its easier to help because you’re outside the situation. But when you are the one in danger, you feeeze because the adrenaline rush clouds over. The flight instead of fight response happens. I know thats how it is with me. I tend to shut down when in danger.. but ive worked in emergency rooms before, I have no trouble helping others.

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  4. Stop diminishing your service. Your put on a uniform which is far more than many will ever do! I thank you for it. So do all those healthy deployable teeth.

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