Groan-ups 😄


4 thoughts on “Groan-ups 😄

  1. Unfortunately someone needs to control the ride(s) at Disney World. To keep the ride safe for those who can ride their inner child.
    Some make the choice to age.

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    1. Good point Sir 😄 but the point here isn’t so much that you don’t age…. It is that you don’t stifle the part of you that still has the wonder of a child

      You don’t have to lose the joy in your life to be ab adult

      That said… Let’s all go to Disney World 😄

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    2. PS, Your love for cutting gemstones is exactly what I’m talking about. It reminds me of being a kid and putting rocks in a tumbler…see how pretty they shined up. Doesn’t make you a child or irresponsible to still have that light you up with joy. 🙂 Make sense? You can still remain firmly in the adult camp 🙂

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