Home… Sweet Home

I’ve moved! Well 99% anyway. I found a beautiful new apartment complex being built and fell in love! My commute to work is now about 40 minutes, versus 15 but it’s worth it!!! Plus, it’s an easy drive.

These are luxury apartments and although I can afford it, I have been extremely anxious about spending more.  I am always afraid of what could be… What might happen… And of course plagued by feeling like I don’t belong… And I don’t deserve….

But I am in love with my place…. For the first time ever! Starting with no carpet!!! This will help a ton with my allergies… And as any pet owner knows, it is very hard to keep a fresh smelling carpet! 

My bathtub is huge, and has Jets! I feel so totally spoiled. 

What makes me really happy in all of this… Is that I did this! 

The first night that I moved in, there was a fireworks show that I was able to watch from my own patio! I absolutely love fireworks ( Sky glitter WWA πŸ˜„ ) 

I took it as a sign that this is where I am meant to be.

I have a feeling that life will only continue to get better. 


25 thoughts on “Home… Sweet Home

  1. i hope you got pictures of the fireworks, and frame them, so you never forget how great this moment feels. i love new beginnings-the are fresh and alive with possibilities. A luxury tub sounds incredibly delicious. i feel lucky that we have a rather deep tub, so i certainly can’t complain. You sound really happy. i hope you make every inch your own and enjoy everything the complex has to offer. Does it have walking trails or a pool? Wish i could send you a housewarming gift ❀

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    1. I took a video of the fireworks!

      The whole complex is still under construction, so right now there are no trails… Or pool… But will be before too long

      I love tubs… Bathrooms are actually a favorite room of mine. ❀️

      I’ll be checking out the local trails. Not far from a few lakes, so I’m sure that will have some nice ones !

      Thanks– I am happy. πŸ˜„

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  2. Enjoy every minute. And feel it in your bones: You deserve this!

    When you have that deep feeling things are at a turning point, they usually are :’)

    Don’t feel doubtful if there are setbacks. Know in your heart you deserve the best and it will come to you.


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