An American problem

As a native Texan…My heart is broken for the events of last night.

My heart is also broken watching the videos of several people losing their lives due to police misconduct. I support law-enforcement. I have family in law-enforcement…  I am terrified for them.

I also recognize that many families live in fear every day when their loved one walks out the door. There is no excuse for this.

I don’t have the answers, but I pray for God to heal our fractured society. This will only get worse, until we as a society get better… And demand better.

Please take a moment to view this. ❤️

8 thoughts on “An American problem

  1. Every single issue surrounding these events is sickening. The problem is that those who take up arms as a solution to societies injustices *think* they’re “demanding better. ” The problem is the media who peddles tragedies and fans the flames of hatred and bias. The problem is an elite class who is invested in keeping the common man dumbed down and fighting among themselves to keep our eyes off all the ways we’re screwed over by their policies, their politicians (bought and paid for, all), their courts (stacked by purchased poloticians), their bankers, their pharmaceutical monopolies, their prisons for profit, their healthcare and insurance companies who only have interest in profits not health, their blind-eye regulatory agencies, their manipulation of anything and everything that might affect their bottom dollar.

    Meanwhile, the corporate media monopolies teach us all to fear and hate one another and keep us divided and stupid and ignoring the man behind the curtain.

    Racism exists. The media makes it worse.
    Bad cops exist. The media makes it worse.

    Good people exist who don’t see color.
    The media ignores them.
    Good cops outnumber the bad eggs.
    The media ignores them.

    We had a candidate for president who wasn’t interested in being part of the rigged system and tried to show the man behind the curtain.
    How did the media treat him?
    Ignored or marginalized or belittled.

    The powers-that-be do not want these things to get better because if we weren’t all fighting for every scrap of sustenance and survival, against each other, irrationally, we might just have the strength to confront the institutionalization of greed and hatred.

    Solution? Fire the politicians, term limits in Congress, campaign finance reform… Yada Yada… Turn off the TV and be nice to your neighbors.

    The whole thing… this whole world makes my stomach hurt. Sadness and more sadness. Every day is something else terrible. How do I know? The corporate media tells me so. On repeat.

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    1. Watching another police shooting being reported on Facebook, and seeing multitudes of people love the post… It is a scary world when people celebrate violence


  2. It is a very frightening time for our Republic – the presidential race has brought into the light some barely buried schisms and we are seeing them played out in horrific, horrific live action on our city streets and devices. It is heart-breaking for all of those involved and for each of us as we watch. Warm thoughts to everyone and prayers for healing

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