To be continued…

Ok somewhere along the road it occurred to me…. Waiting until I was totally happy with my body before dating, was probably a recipe for being alone forever… Because let’s face it, no matter how perfect we are to others, we are never perfect enough to ourselves… But that’s another post entirely.

So, I made up a profile and I began to talk to people. TBC


14 thoughts on “To be continued…

  1. YAY! So happy for you!
    I agree, we’re so often much harder on ourselves than we are on others or than others are on us.
    Think that whatever your body is like, there is someone out there who will love you just the way you are. I speak from experience.
    I used to hate my hairy arms (but not enough to shave it, or rather punishing myself for being the way I am and too bad for me. Don’t ask!). Now… I have someone who I know is turned on by it. Big time. See? 😉
    Plus, if the only thing they are attracted to is your body… then they may not be who you’re looking for.
    (though great things can start with a physical connection, here too I speak from experience!)

    Good luck, all the best positive thoughts coming your way!

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