Does one size fit all ?

I do not fall in the category of woman who says that size does not matter. I call bullshit. It matters.Don’t tell me it’s how they rock the boat… Or the motion in the ocean… If I can’t feel the dinghy in the cabin, it just ain’t workin!

Now on the same vein, a large to extra large endowed man does not get to call himself a great lay simply based on what he’s bringing to the party. Don’t be lazy jackhammers guys 😄

Anyway,  in the interest of research, I thought it might be interesting to see the ranges of erections. I know many of my followers also like to be well-educated… So I’m sharing.

Sharing is caring right?


11 thoughts on “Does one size fit all ?

  1. i care a lot less about the length than the girth. i’m very small and tilted inside, and i love force as well as the welcome pain from girth. Any maps on that? (Yes, i call bullshit. Size matters.)

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  2. hmmm , well the guys i’ve been with exceed the Canadian norm, hell they exceed the green norm lol , and and since I have only been with 1 Butch I can’t speak for them, but umm her detachables exceed the green lol, i am not much for the length , but like Jade, ya , i like the pain of the girth more than the length ( bet that sounds frickin weird coming from a boy ) bahahahaha… well it’s true which is why kegels were invented, when you play with submarines, you need a good port *snicker*

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  3. Ha! Maybe that’s why I don’t care that much? Because I live in a part of the world where men are usually quite OK, thank you?
    As for size not mattering… I can tell you that one of my worst lovers was way over the 8 or 9″ mark. And some of my best lovers were more on the small side of size.
    So I won’t say that size doesn’t matter, but… what you do with it matters MUCH more in my book. And the problem with ‘big’ men is when they believe that just because they’re well endowed, they are sex gods and all women would want them. Well… no, not really!
    Also… too big scares me, really!
    I mean, forget about anal sex. And even other types of sex. I’m not a masochist, so sex has to feel good, not be painful, for me to enjoy it 🙂
    Also, there are positions that help with the smaller sized guys. And some that help with the bigger sized guys. I guess it’s all a matter of how well we fit together, and how much we’re willing to work to fit well together 😉

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    1. Agree to a degree… One of my worst lovers was also extremely well endowed ( French ) and he was exactly what I wrote about here… Lazy and jackhammer… You are quite right that anal can be extremely painful. It could also be quite fantastic… But he always seemed to think that he was such a great fuck because of his cock.
      I thought he fucked like a machine ( not in a complementary way )

      However, I had another lover from Columbia who was absolutely well endowed and the best lover of my life

      But hands-down the worst, was a guy so tiny that I literally could not feel inside me.
      I am sorry… No amount of anything can make up for that. Just No!

      And for the record, I’m extremely tight… So it’s not that either 😄

      But I will give you that some people just fit better together than others

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