Perspectives on Dating 

My whole approach to dating is different this time. I get nervous, but not like I used to. I think that this is because I finally know my own value. For the first time in my life, I approach dates with the thought that I am there to see if I like them…not to hope they like me.

I created a profile on OkCupid and POF ( Plenty of fish ) I wound up deleting the latter fairly quickly.

I like OkCupid because it has tons of questions you can answer to improve your matches. I answered lots of them, but left the extremely personal ones blank. For example,  I am not sure it is in any single females best interest to list that she enjoys anal sex … that seems to me to be one of the things you share as a relationship builds. 

So, I pick and choose what I answer carefully.

Men who approach me and jumped right into sex or kink conversation are quickly blocked.

I am interested in both, but only with the right man. That man, will be interested in getting to know me as a person before attempting to step into those zones.



6 thoughts on “Perspectives on Dating 

      1. I know it did for me too! 🙂
        It feels good though, doesn’t it?
        Enjoy! And don’t worry about relapses, they happen, but you get over them when you realise it 🙂


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