Date #1 The End

Shortly after I posted about our date, he resumed calling. I’m guessing because it is the weekend, and he wanted to up his opportunity for sex. 

I did not answer the phone… Something inside of me knew it would be a confrontation and not an easy exit. I debated just skirting his calls…

Decided to do what I thought was the right thing, and messaged him saying that I was sorry but I seem to have a greater connection with someone else. Wished him good luck in his search.

 My other option was saying that I didn’t feel a connection with him… But thought maybe it was kinder to not make it about him… If that makes any sense.

The following is the outcome… And I put my phone on do not disturb. I’m done. His messages clearly show me that I made the right decision… and really unnerved the little inside. 


17 thoughts on “Date #1 The End

    1. Well, that’s true. But he had some valid points… Even if unkind. I AM always tired! I am overweight #1…. And I am always working too much

      The lack of emotion… 😌 yeah I do keep everything bottled up tight. But I’m reserved… Shy…. Plus I’ve really been hurt ( haven’t we all ) and it takes me a while to open up really.
      That part makes me feel bad… But I don’t think I can change it

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      1. Most people attempt to show their considerate side early on dating. I don’t but I recognize most people do. I’m shy so I get that. If we were on a date though and you seemed tired I’d be asking how to help. Do you need coffee? To go on earlier dates? To have a shoulder rub? It would give me a chance to learn about what makes you feel good. And then you wouldn’t have been siting there with someone that wasn’t really talking. My point is he had other choices and didn’t recognize that. He evidently felt rejected and used that to blame you. Not good daddy material if you ask me.

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  1. Think how different you may have felt if he had asked those same questions and was showing interest in you-which is why he was there ostensibly. You would still be shy and tired, but I bet you would have felt cared about and that would have brought the guard down for both of you. A Dominant will always have more choices than we do, it’s important to me that they recognize this early and preferably intuitively.

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  2. The thing is… he never earned your trust either! So why would you have been more open?
    Ok, the idea IS to try and be as open as possible, but in this case, you didn’t feel him from the beginning (your gut instinct was telling you not to go on the date). So… how could you be open? I mean, you had to PAY for the damn thing, after all!

    But you’re right, he typically can’t handle a fair talk. You’re better off without him.

    The only hope I have is that he seems to get it that he didn’t prove he could handle a straight conversation 🙂

    Though… why did you feel the need to say you really liked him? Did you? It’s Ok to not want to say something that may upset someone, but I don’t think there is a need to tell them untruths either. How they react to what you say is their problem, not yours, especially when you speak your heart and don’t intend to hurt them.

    He was too respectful of you? The mere fact he couldn’t think of anything else than you naked in his bed, the way he phrases this, shows me he didn’t quite. I don’t know, maybe he feels this is being a dominant man, telling a woman how he wants her. But… it’s not what you were after, and he knew it, so he hid his true intentions.

    I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out what is bothering me in the way he said it. The Dancer did something similar in the beginning, really, but the way he suggested it was very different. He didn’t talk about his wants, but suggested something to see if it would be agreeable to me.
    His offer was to either meet in a bar, or, plan B, there was a hotel somewhere not far from our meeting point. Somehow, this was telling me he DID want me naked in his bed, but… only if I wanted him naked in that bed too. I made my choice based on that. (17 months on, I made the right choice 😉 ).

    You’ll have better luck with the next one, because you’ll start to pick up on their crazy ways earlier and earlier on 🙂

    Good luck Cinn, you deserve the best.

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    1. I did have better luck … I’m behind in sharing. ❤️💋

      But you’re right. I didn’t have to say I liked him when I didn’t .. I don’t know why I do that. Soften the blow? Minimize the blowback ??

      I love that I can think things through on here and get honest, constructive feedback.


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      1. I love that I can watch other’s experiences and learn for myself (it’s often so much easier to see things that we don’t see as making sense in other’s actions and then look back on our own 😉 ).

        Glad you’re behind on sharing and that the other one looks more promising!

        Keep enjoying, being you. Simple, perfect YOU!

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