Date 2 and 3 and 4

The dates that didn’t happen. This guy I was really excited by…at first. He’s Dominican and I liked the look of him.

But something always felt off in his approach. Like he was throwing out a line but not interested in if it actually caught something.

Anyway, we were supposed to meet for a drink after work. I was feeling tired and stressed… And asked for a rain check.

I offered a morning hike on that coming Sunday morning. He accepted and seemed actually excited. 

Well, it so happened I had a girls night party Saturday night. You can probably guess where this is headed….

After that, he definetely put in less effort. I get it. Totally.

We rescheduled plans… Loosely. happy hour after work…

That morning he sent me a text saying that he’d been thinking of me . Sweet. Especially as I really felt he had written me off as a flake. I told him as much and got a smiley face back.

  The day of those plans, I waited and waited… And then finally around 8:45 he messaged that he was just getting home from work. What was I doing? Getting ready for bed. I had to be at work early

We chatted by text for another 30 minutes or so. Since then, nothing.

Seems like this was a case of not meant to be πŸ˜„

” I used her she used me but neither one cared ”

That’s what sticks in my mind. Just two lonely people. Looking to not feel quite so lonely.

But not ever going to fully connect.


11 thoughts on “Date 2 and 3 and 4

  1. My opinion
    you indicated a lack of interest by attending (and I assume) over indulging at the party. I’ve noticed that these days it takes a real commitment to meet someone. Time/money/desire
    I don’t need anyone truth be told.
    If she can’t show enough respect to invest the same effort in meeting she reaps what she sows.
    Too many disappointments in the past make the effort hardly worth the reward. M/many people are in this boat, so I kind of understand your side too.
    Just felt like responding with My opinion. Not a judgement

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    1. No judgement taken. That’s why I said I totally get it. I was a flake.
      I’m just saying that I don’t think either of us had that much interest in making it happen but maybe that’s me giving myself a pass ?

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