Date 7 …in review

Date seven was a sweet guy. He tried to impress by talking about work. For example: he was being recruited by several headhunters… And received an email from his company’s vice president while we were at dinner. I get those too. Big whoop and at 9:30 at night, it is really more of an invasion than anything.

I am the wrong girl for that approach. 

I want a guy to have a good solid job, and be a good provider… But it is just one of many things I look for. Because, let’s face it… I am already a good provider 😄

past that, I think maybe he is too shy for me… Too reserved. Conversation was a struggle… I get it. I’m the same way… But two of us together typically doesn’t work. You need someone to bring the initial energy 🌟

Anyway, it got to the point of him pulling out his phone and trying to teach me Angry Birds… I pulled the plug shortly after.

We have chatted a little bit since. I initiated. He definitely seems to be a nice guy, and I thought that deserved a second look. It does…. But what I’m realizing is that there also has to be something to go on besides that… And there’s just not. So I’m letting that one go…

Dating has been much more work than I realized. Last night, I disabled my profile… I was at a baseball game with one of my very best friends… And I was telling her that I was quitting. To my surprise, she asked me not to! 

I say to my surprise, because in the past she has never been really supportive of my online dating. She definitely did not like my choices… but who could blame her. 

I have not yet enabled my profile… But I did receive a nice surprise last night with someone I have been interested in for a while.

Hmmm…  Life is always full of curveballs!

7 thoughts on “Date 7 …in review

      1. Nope
        Different mind set-tired of the effort involved and the losers. Yes, there are female losers too.
        And as long as I’ve got a right hand with a thumb I’m good!! 😜

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