The Phone call

So… After I asked for space, he responded with about 10 text messages. Finally I responded by saying he was coming on far too strong for me… Next thing I know my phone is ringing. I knew better than to answer. His number is now blocked, but for sheer entertainment value…. Here is what prince charming had to say:

” hi Cinny, this is X. Good I got the message, because there something I need to tell you. Uhhh…. If you couldn’t talk on the phone, you should’ve just said I can’t talk on the phone.

I’m too old and I’m too smart for the cunt ass games that you play. Ok… You give out a lot of mixed messages. I think the chemistry would’ve been great between us, but I don’t think you know what you want.

For your age you should be a lot more mature than that. 

So uh, I don’t have time for cunts. I don’t have time for bitches. I have a lot of options. And please lose my number. I don’t think you’d make a good girlfriend for me.

Don’t ever contact me again. And have a great day”


37 thoughts on “The Phone call

    1. I know right ??? I seriously wanted to post the recording so that people could hear it in all it’s glory… But he uses our real names
      The words speak plainly enough 😜

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    1. If he had just give me space. I probably would’ve continued to talk to him… Would’ve tried to find something good about him ….. But he’s not capable of giving space… It’s all about him and what he wants… And clearly no impulse control lol

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      1. Some men are so infatuated with themselves, they consider themselves a gift to human kind rather than wonder how they could be of service to others. Neither you nor I need another one of these narcissists!

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    1. I wish I had the nerve to post the actual recording… The tone just gives it so much more oomph…

      Any man who calls women cunts and bitches…. Definitely not anyone I want around me. This is someone who clearly hates women

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      1. It is. You can only imagine where else he doesn’t like hearing the word no…
        Also, he doesn’t realize he’s trapped in a vicious cycle of his own doing


    1. I am trying to get the recording to post here… As good as the words are, hearing him in his full glory is priceless… But I can’t seem to get it to work

      He is a train wreck. That’s for sure!

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  1. Hehe what a douchebag. Count your blessings that you didn’t waste much time on this one, and congrats for seeing/feeling the red flags right off the starting line. I know I question myself and am prone to giving unwarranted chances, and that’s a hard habit to break… but you nailed it. Kudos sister. 🙂 ✌️💞

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  2. I can’t believe you let that one slipped by! What a douchebag. I can only imagine how he sounded if those are the words he used! I bet his parents, mom especially, are so proud.

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      1. I bet goodness I was in tears of laughter after ugh what pt 1&2 I’m only now catching up to how everyone has been

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  3. Oh, My….well, at least you know he feels better after leaving you that message. Honestly, I think you need a big sense of humor while dating, huh? and not take anything personal. You got a good story out of it — something of value.

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  4. Just for the record.. I would say that was a different “X”, but there really is only one of me, so yeah, not me. And now that we have THAT out of the way, this is wrong on so many levels, it can’t be summed up in in a few words, but I’ll try. A Dom doesn’t beg, or plead, or what EVER that hell that was. We decide to accept or reject an offer of consent. NOTHING is assumed to be in our court until that happens. THEN the fun starts.

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