I’ve been pondering this lately… So true… And yet sometimes we feel so trapped. 

But I’m thinking, trapped is the inability to choose….


20 thoughts on “Choices…

    1. Perhaps delaying… I know I spent many many years agonizing over a choice I ultimately had to make.
      Would it have been better if I had chosen it right away? Who knows… That wasn’t the path I took… All I know is I’m good with the place I am ending up now

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  1. It has been argued that free will is an illusion, that all choices are reactions. I would say that I cannot create a single minute. Everything I am, have and will be belongs to a higher force. The one and only thing I can own, are my choices.

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  2. Choice can also be the freedom from fear. Leaping into something new can be both scary and exhilarating. Hoping to always focus on the latter– now that i have been through the valley. 💜

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