Well… Damn

So, the guy I drunk posted ( well tipsy not plastered ) about liking … Well, that’s not gonna happen.

On some level I knew this, even if I did hope that we could get past what happened.

I find myself saddened…. However my first thought was ” she won’t be better than me” so there’s that.

I am proud to find my self esteem here!! 

If I’ve learned anything at all, it is that my love never ends where I thought it would.

I know God put him in my life for a purpose, and maybe he has already filled that. 

I did accept his Facebook friend request. I’m  not sure how long that will last.. But…

Updates to come on the two guys I posted about yesterday ( not always about me )

And, one that I have only hinted at.


6 thoughts on “Well… Damn

      1. He sent me a request. I accepted. I’m still not sure why… Although I’m sure a tiny part of it is that I’m hoping he will change his mind and I hate that

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      2. You can put him in the acquaintance list. And change your settings to friends only for your pictures or any individual post you don’t want him to see. However, remember what I said about trusting your gut? Well, now’s the time to do that. Sit down for a while, think about how you REALLY feel about him being FB friends, and… act accordingly. It could mean telling him not to stalk you, it could mean unfriending him and asking him to contact you again if he so wishes when he knows where he’s at with his romantic life (notice it could mean he knows he is in a relationship too, not just he’s dropped her). At least, if he knows where he’s at, you won’t be getting weird vibes. It will really be just friends. And that should make you more comfortable.

        Also, I’d like to address something you wrote. “She won’t be better than me”
        I agree with you, but not in the way I think you wrote this. She won’t be better than you because she is she, and you’re you. She’ll be different. And maybe she’ll be better *for him* than you, and there is nothing you can do about it, but it has nothing to do with you not being enough either.
        It is good that you are able to see that you’re worthy. Now… maybe try to see it in itself rather than by comparing yourself to someone else 😉
        Having to put someone down just to feel up (even though that’s not *exactly* what you’re doing, it could be leading there)… it’s not very healthy either. That’s what the ex is doing, has been doing for years. You’re better than that 😉

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  1. Hopefully he’ll settle down on fb. Maybe he wants you to know he’s interested in being friends but has gone overboard. Can you send a jokey note, ” slow down cyber stalker!” I don’t know. Lol. Good luck!!

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