Adventures with 20 somethings 

Now one of the things that surprises and humors me about dating in my late 40s, is the number of propositions  I get from 20 something year old men.

I hesitate to say men really, because at that age quite honestly, most are still boys !

I have on my profile ( well, I have deleted it… But when I did have one ) that I was not comfortable with anyone under 40. However, this never seems to deter.

It is funny how many have older women fantasies. 

I wonder how much of the reverse is happening?

I’ll be honest, the stamina and lack of erection difficulty seems appealing. However, I still remember the days of sex as a 20-year-old… Lots of jackhammer pounding going on… Not so much in terms of satisfaction.

I will also be honest and say that it has been far too long since I have had sex. I’m hungry for touch. 

This guy had a shot of himself ( presumably) from the backside, and I have to admit, he was looking nice!

So I flirted a little but then I poofed.

My reality, is that I will never be getting naked with someone half my age.

The insecure girl inside me thinks maybe they think I’m desperate? The sad older woman will jump at a hot young guy.

I am sure there are some that think like this… 

I have a girl in my office in her late 20s , who made a comment about being bothered by men her age liking women of mine.

She said she couldn’t understand… I pretty much made an excuse to walk away… But in my head I was thinking that the answer is simple. She may be younger. She may have the better body. Absolutely positively hands-down I guarantee that I am better in bed.

That may sound like I’m bragging… But really it’s acknowledging the fact that practice makes perfect 😀

All I know is that it’s flattering… And even entertaining. But it’s not “filling”

I need my good sex to come with a man with something real to say


24 thoughts on “Adventures with 20 somethings 

  1. LOL, he was pretty adorable. I’d be tempted just for a bit of fun but yeah, he might be getting a good thing with you but what will you be getting?

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      1. Yeah, handcuffs but will he know what to do once they’re on? Although, he does seem confident. That could just be ego though.

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    1. My ex husband was 6 years younger. My mom was furious with me initially as she thought it was a boy toy situation lol
      I am comfortable with 5 to 6… Maybe if I met the right man I could move it to 10

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  2. I haven’t been commenting much as I have no relevant dating experience to add.
    I’m sitting with genuinesubgirl in the bleachers as it is fascinating to watch! I just can’t imagine what I’d be like in that situation.

    Big love,

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  3. I have a neighbor in his mid twenties who asks me out all the time. At first he didn’t realize I was significantly older but when he realized that he really upped his game. I think it is that I keep saying no thanks and he views it as a challenge.

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  4. Younger “men” should be left as toy boys really… 🙂 I married mine. He’s now 31. I’m 44. 7 years later, I’m a little tired and don’t want to play with a toy anymore. Ah… me! Waiting for the miracle growth “hormone” to work on him… I think. Lol! You’re wiser than I was. Good on you! 🙂 But do have fun!

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    1. My ex was 6 years younger. I don’t think I could do more than that…..
      After a year and a half without sex, it’s hard for me to think about just hooking up… I wish I was wired that way…
      But I might need a young one to burn off all this energy

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