What I’m thinking about..


6 thoughts on “What I’m thinking about..

  1. Ha! Yes! There are so many! Being sick and by myself reminds me of a big one. I need to get over it. My mon didn’t know how to take care about me, how to be caring, when I was a child. My dad was worse, he was abusive. My ex too, still is to some extent. Since then I crave for someone to take care of me, especially when I’m sick. And at some point in my life, I’ll have to give up on that notion. I’m not a kid any more. I guess it’s one way to grow, to grow up. I need to accept that I deserve to be cared for, and it starts with self care. I think once I’ve broken that barrier, truly broken it down, then I’ll be better at asking for and accepting the help people DO give me. I’m getting better at asking. That’s a start!
    Ha! Thank you!

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