September – please share

You may not think you know someone in need of this information… I guarantee you do.

Fellow veterans are always especially dear to my heart.

Please do not be ashamed to seek help 



11 thoughts on “September – please share

  1. Reblogged this on Wine, Coffee, Life and commented:
    There was a time when my life felt so dark, I recognizable and without hope that I true didn’t want to go on. I made a plan for a time which wouldn’t stand out and in a way that would look like a stupid, tragic accident … Then I waited. Thank god the sun came out for me again- but most who know me would tell you it is inconceivable for me– they were wrong.

    Don’t assume – share.

    If your life is dark and hopeless right now — just hang on- the light will break through. Talk to someone…

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    1. Totally right! 😄 people have given me hope so many more times than they know!

      And I think that texting for help is a wonderful idea… It minimizes the shame/embarrassment factor


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