My dog Bluebell sleeps in his bed, right next to mine. I never allowed him in the bed at all, until I moved back to Texas from North Carolina… I was having a hard time readjusting to life on my own.

So, I started letting him sleep in the bed… Even though he is a huge bed hog, it brought me comfort.

But… Ultimately I started to notice that neither of us slept well. I move around a lot in my sleep, and he did not appreciate this 😀 

He liked to sleep in whatever position took up the most amount of space, and I did not appreciate that!

Plus, he would often jump down and I was afraid he would hurt himself. My bed is fairly high, and the floors are hard. He is 16, and suffers from arthritis as it is….

So, I broke this habit. It took a couple days of picking him up and putting him in his bed before he resigned himself to the new arrangement.

But the last two days, I have woke up to find him snuggled up against me. The first night it stormed, and I assumed he needed comfort in the night… He’s very afraid of storms.

But last night, I don’t think there were storms…? I was thinking as I got ready for work, maybe he has gotten smart enough to wait until I fall asleep??

All of a sudden, another thought hit me… Maybe it is me who needs the comfort.

My heart has been hurting a bit lately…  Other people’s actions, compounded by self reflection and enlightenment ( not a bad thing… Just sometimes the truth hurts right ? )  

And just plain lonely.

I know i dream a lot …. But I rarely remember.

I wonder if he is protecting me from my dreams?

I think he needs some more treats 😀🐾

11 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. they know when we are upset , sad, hurt, scared, and their instinct is to comfort and protect , they want to make all the bad things go away for you and keep you safe.

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  2. That is very sweet. And Golden’s are just amazing anyway. Daughter’s dog (beautiful German Shepherd Dog who is a giant coward) has been with me 6 weeks (I think he is going home tomorrow). Earlier this week, he woke me at 4:10. As soon as I was awake, he gave a deep sigh and went back to sleep, which is not what he usually does when he wakes me. I think I was having a nightmare and he woke me, then went back to sleep himself.

    I’m sure your fur baby is comforting you too!!

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  3. Bertie butt hates sleeping with me because I move everywhere. But I love cuddling with him when he’s being nice to me. He’s got such a big personality for being a fur baby. Today it’s been storming all day though so he’s been cuddled by my side all day. Thank god for fur babies. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s been with me throughout everything. And I honestly don’t know what I’ll do should I ever lose him.

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  4. My cat who we put to sleep a couple of years ago always slept with me but he only took up a little corner of the bed. Now the youngest 1 for the last week or so has been sleeping beside me on the bed & I think she’s trying to do the same thing…& even if she is a bed hog I’ll admit it’s nice to reach out & feel her fuzzy self when I wake up at night. Hugs to you both!

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