And again… there have been some decent guys but honestly not any I have strong interest in…

I already disabled. I may be single forever but these sites just feel… ick 

Here’s a guy I liked a lot… at first. He’s actually from Fet though. Not a dating site. 

But while he started out promising…

Yeah. I’m not sending pictures. GTFO

I think I’m going back to settling for celibacy right now. Back to taking care of myself… 

I was planning a trip to see my first love in November. I think I’m going to put that off till spring…

He still doesn’t know I’m planning to come… He just keeps dropping hints about visiting. I want to feel better about myself when I do see him, and I also want him to stop the hands and just flat out ask

Anyway… that’s where I’m at


36 thoughts on “Disgusted 

  1. This is not giving me hope… Not looking forward to dating. Well, I am looking forward to dating but not to weeding through all the douchebags to find a nice guy… Was this all from the same man? His opening line about hellos and lips is pretty forward. I guess maybe I’m just conservative…


  2. Working on yourself is probably the best thing you can do. I’ve been doing that for almost a year now, and I’m still learning about myself and triggers and just knowing how to be okay without a man. Maybe eventually I will get back in there, but I had many of the same experiences as you. Nice guys that turn and then you’re like damnit, why? And then you block. It’s tough. There are good guys out there, but even those aren’t necessarily ready lol.

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    1. True. I’ve been doing the work for a long time now… but always more to do 😀

      This just isn’t the time or the place for my efforts I think ….

      Sorry your experience is the same


      1. At least in online dating you might avoid such questions as “Sooooo, what would you say if I wanted to send you a dick pic?”. Yes, that was a real life question from someone that I am barely acquainted with and who knows I am not on the market. They thought I was weird when I responded, “Why?” and I think it would show me that you don’t respect yourself and think a pic of your privates is going to be life altering for me.

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      2. Ha ha 😀 I tell them it better be impressive but even then I won’t take them seriously as a potential for me!!

        It’s so stupid. When did sending junk get to be a thing ??


  3. Love the “Not falling for that shit again” pic.
    Ah….the shit flows both ways too. Just saying there are female players also, and it gets VERY annoying.
    Love this post

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  4. Deleted my profiles on Fet and collarspace, too. They were only up because my dominant was hoping for poly for us anyway. Now that there is a very unexpected someone in my life, there’s just no need.

    If there is ever a time i need to jump back into the dating pool, i’ll stand on the edge of the shore for a LONG while protecting myself from the sharks who lurk… 💜

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  5. Sweet beautiful Cinn, have you tried any Meetup sites? Not for dating, but just to meet and interact with others who have the same interests you have, whether it’s exercise, dancing, movies, animals, writing. There’s a ton of different topics to choose from. Maybe this would give you a healthy breather from dealing with these losers on the dating sites. You’re an intelligent woman with so much to offer. What do you think? It’s just my idea.

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    1. This was a great way for me to not feel too lonely when all my friends were happily engaged with their families and I was by myself. It also enabled me to become socially active without the pressure of performing for a date. And I met a few interesting people there, some I got into a little romance, others I am still friends with now and who support me with various difficulties.
      It’s also through one of these evenings that I met my love, even though he wasn’t part of the group, I would never have met him had I not signed up to go out with our equivalent to meetup.

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      1. Yes, you’re absolutely right! Meetup is the best way I’ve found to meet new people without the strain of feeling like you’re putting yourself on display. And you do meet some really nice people too. Thank you for your comments Dawn D! And I do hope this way works for Cinn as well. She’s a beautiful woman in many ways.

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