Soul sparkles

Today is a better day. Today I have some sparkle peeking through the cracks. It’s there. I’m choosing to feed the glow. 

I don’t know that going back on medication is what I am going to do at the moment… But I do have some life changes to make. I have to make me an urgent priority…. and treat myself as such.

You are all the best. Thank God for all of you 


31 thoughts on “Soul sparkles

  1. I meant to say this this morning…
    Do not be afraid of therapy. This is probably what is going to help you most, help find yourself amidst the things you have been told all your life you should be.
    In my experience, anti-depressants are just the crutch that prevents you from tripping. The actual healing comes from doing a lot of work on yourself, and therapy is possibly one of the easier ways to achieve that.

    Talking about healing… I have to sleep, rest and take care of myself.
    Good luck Cinn. I am glad today was a better day!
    Sending lots of love your way.

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  2. i was thinkin a lot about you today, an as i read your post today a thought occurred to me about you ….. do you know how amazingly strong you are ? ( seriously I am asking ) … you deal with a lot of stuff both personal and work and life all around … and sometimes you stumble under the weight of all that burdens you …. but Cinn my friend… you never fall … and I can’t help thinking … you being as strong as you are , how many people read your blog and follow you silently , that are inspired by you …. i could name at least 1 , but he is always off chasing his squirrels 😉

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    1. You don’t know how much that means to me. I do know I’m a strong woman, but I think I tend to minimize it. I tell myself I’m strong because I have to be… because there’s no other choice… but your words just made me so happy… because I share my pain and my darkness so that others don’t feel so alone. So they don’t feel shame. Or think they’re crazy ( we all are really lol ) Thank you for that. It just means the world to me. ❤

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      1. But Darling — the reason for your strength – that it is an innate trait or something your soul and character have created from necessity does not matter a whit. What remains is… you – are – strong. And for the moments or hours or days you need to not carry the burden alone? This is when your friends carry it and you!!

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      2. You make me smile too. I’m such a blessed girl ❤️

        I’m so far off the taking care of myself wagon. Gotta catch the next stop 😀

        Hope you’re doing better. Sending love

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      3. Take care of you , you must!!!

        I’m currently taking a hot bath and then headed to bed. I did about 3/4 of a day today, and fortunately tomorrow is a half day. I didn’t sleep well last night, so that combined with almost full day today.. =sleepy!!

        But,I really am feeling better! Next week I leave on vacation for my sisters for a week of total relaxation. I.can.not.wait!! I’m forcing myself to take off this weekend from working out again and then I’ll get back on with my Sis next week.

        Please be kind to one of my favorite people!!!


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