Hello Vindication

Well, it’s been a stressful time at work. We had a pretty intense audit/visit/coaching from a company big wig and very close friend of the CEO. I don’t do well with these things. Outwardly I do… but I will worry myself to death. It is tied into my obsessive need to be perfect. Or at least as close to perfect as I can be.

Last night over dinner my colleagues were teasing me about it… I envy their ability to not sweat stuff.

I’m trying to be better. I’m doing a lot of meditation these days and that’s a tremendous help. But more about that another time…

Today was results day… and in front of the one(s) who made me feel so badly last week… it was said that “The problem is NOT operational”

It is because of THEIR fumbles that the misses are occurring on the financial statements.

And breathe…


So did they apologize for blaming me? For telling me that I haven’t been doing a good job?

That would be no.

It doesn’t matter. Those who matter, know.

What’s more is that yet again I took responsibility for their choices today. For a choice that I advised against.

They sat there silent while I owned it and the consequence. Consequence was a minor unpleasant discussion, while I am fairly certain they knew that it was not really my crap.

But I won’t sell someone out. I won’t throw them under the bus, even when they do it to me. I will defend myself as needed…. and thankfully I was reminded that my work speaks for itself.

That’s what a leader does right? I don’t know. Sometimes it’s so hard to know what the right thing to do is.

But I feel good about my choices and actions, so I guess that’s all that matters.

17 thoughts on “Hello Vindication

  1. In my mind, accepting responsibility gracefully is an inherent part of integrity. It seems very clear that no one is unaware of your excellence, and the fact that you didn’t point the finger says a lot about you as well. I hope you are feeling proud of yourself and maybe a wee bit smug!

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    1. Yes. I’ll be honest. There is some smug but I actually learned a lot in this process, and see it as an opportunity for excellence

      There is always room for improvement… And I want to be better too

      Hope you’re having a great day 🤗

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  2. My two cents:

    No. Don’t take blame for others mistakes. That does the company no good. Don’t ever throw a coworker under the bus, but don’t ever take the blame and the consequences for something you didn’t do. You penalize yourself twice: the actual consequence/hit to your reputation AND preventing the person in question from actually learning from their mistakes.

    Still, must be a relief to have your overall performance vindicated.

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    1. I understand what you’re saying… At the moment it was that, or say that they had done this against my advice… Who knows what and of worms that might’ve opened.

      That said, I will be mindful of not making a habit of it

      Hi- and thank you for commenting

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  3. Take the responsibility but talk to those that made the mistakes. But not directly. Not in a negative way. You say, “well, I think we can do better next time by doing this. What do you think?” And get the involved. Don’t call them out – they probably know and either care and beat themselves about it inwardly or don’t care and keep going because no one asked them to take responsibility. You don’t know what their inner struggle or thoughts are, so approach it as if they didn’t know they did wrong. That’s a good leader. And if they keep making mistakes, well, don’t take responsibility. Step back and just go with the flow. Move towards a solution instead of taking the blame or giving blame.

    Some great authors to help with your inner struggle are Jen Sincero and Marianne Williamson. I love their books and they have helped me get into a more blissful go with the flow, control myself because I have none over people, acknowledge mistakes, and move on. It’s tough and a process. You got this!

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