Happy Anniversary to me ❤️

This blog was originally started as a vanilla side dish to my kink blog… After a devastating break up, I deleted the other one and attempted to cut off everything inside of me related to D/s or kink.
However… I learned that one cannot run from themselves.

Thank you for exploring all that I am, and all that I can be 


I ask you to celebrate this anniversary with me by sharing your love. 

Make your world a better place. Xoxo



48 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me ❤️

  1. Hoping this is just the beginning of many anniversaries to come. I have told myself that I must return to vanilla because I was safer there. What I have learned is that while it might have felt more stable, i wasn’t truly living me there. I know how it feels to fly, so my feet can never be glued to the ground again. I hope you find your wings again very soon. 💋

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  2. We all run. Lord knows I’ve run from every ditch, place, and corner and have landed in the blog world lol. I believe though there’s still much to learn within me. Loving myself would be a start. 💜

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      1. I am totally into meditation at the moment, but there are simple affirmations too. Or make your own. Google. There are tons of good ones. My ex had me do every day for a while, and it felt silly at first… but slowly I started to believe the words as I said them….

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  3. I’m so glad you managed to fall in love with yourself. For people like us who struggle with self appreciation, there is no more important love to find. The other ones follow…

    Sending warm hugs and wishes on your blogiversary.

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      1. Oh, I’ve only been blogging less than 3 years, but… it’s always been a pleasure reading and getting to know you.
        Keep loving this wonderful person. For she is wonderful, as there isn’t anyone like her on the whole face of the planet!

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  4. The minute we put the responsibility for our happiness in someone else’s hands we are doomed. This has been a hard lesson for me, but like you, I am emerging stronger and wiser. Also, just because we live the life and or lifestyle we choose doesn’t mean we are finally “happy” all the time either, another revelation! So glad to hear you are doing well dear Cinn, love yourself as you would your most desired lover and you will never be disappointed or betrayed ❤️

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