Nine days….ο»Ώ


Some of my kink followers have seen my profile on Fet Life. It’s repellant actually. Intentionally. Originally after my break up from FH, it was even MORE repellant… but I did soften it the tiniest bit recently. That’s after I realized I couldn’t run anymore from who I am deep in my core. That is a submissive woman. And a seriously kinky one.

I want very much to fall in love… to have a life partner. I want that to mean marriage, as I believe in marriage… but I often have doubts. My depression whispers to me that I will always be alone. My friend Little Scarlet told me to stop voicing that… stop putting that into the universe… and I know she’s right, so I am trying.. but that ugly voice is always there.

ANYWAY, I’m getting off topic.

My profile….

I received the nicest message nine days ago. Completely vanilla, sweet and respectful. I was instantly intrigued. And surprised.

Who was this man that wasn’t scared off by my profile? He’s different.

He has my attention.

And he has followed it up with more of the same… I have found myself opening up with him. Being vulnerable.Β  That doesn’t happen off blog.

And attracted. Oh, so attracted…

Last night he told me that he was glad he followed his intuition about me. That there was gold behind my barrier. ❀

It’s hard to stay grounded… to be mindful that I’ve only known him nine days. A switch has been flipped, and the things I thought I killed in me are shining bright and he makes them feel beautiful.

And my intuition… my gut… it says to go for it. Completely. That’s new.Β  Being an empath, I can feel people. When I make mistakes, it is because I ignore my feelings. Make excuses for people. Wish things were other than what they are…

I’m going to be careful. I’m going to try to be slow and smart. But he gives me butterflies … He catches my breath in my chest.

We meet on the 14th, as he is out of town.

Until then… Here’s something I am going to be thinking a lot about…. Ladies, you feeling me on that one? Nice manly hands. Mhmmmmm

36 thoughts on “Nine days….ο»Ώ

  1. Second, thirding, and fourthing what everyone else has said…I am LOVING the great energy that you have going. Sending good and positive thoughts that your greatest wishes and desires come to pass.

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  2. awesomes !! pretty much what everyone else said , and ya he has nice big hands , i’m gonna be cheering you on , you so much deserve to be happy, you are πŸ™‚

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  3. I have been on and off fet for the last few years myself. I have met people on there and talked to lots. I felt drawn to some and what a mistake that was lol. This empath thing is tricky at times. I’m an INFJ as well. I have a need for connection but I feel way too much. I have had to stop speaking to people because of it. I close myself off A LOT, do you do that with people? I fear the pain I’ll feel from them

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  4. Happy to read this. And also, listen to your friend and stop saying those things to yourself. You have such a big heart I obviously you are meant to love and be loved. Replace the negative self dialogue with something positive. I know it is hard, I’ve had similar voices but it’s worthwhile to quiet that negative voice!

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  5. Sounds like there may be something good brewing. At least a good start. Here’s hoping it works out and he turns out to be a keeper. That is if you want? Love & Hugs to a sweet soul ❀

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