So, this helped. 😀

And my guy telling me to be his pretty doll and to go … AND really enjoy the day.

So I’m dolled up. I have a smile on my face… lips that are a shade too red maybe… heels that are a couple inches too high probably … but paired with jeans and a pretty, femme top.. so only I know the secret ❤️💋

Makes me think about yesterday when a man announced in my presence that wearing make up was a woman’s job.

To say it made my hair bristle is a understatement… I’m STILL irritated 

Yet for him I want to look like a pin up. For him I want to be a pretty ( yet smart ) doll.

He makes me feel like a beautiful, sexy woman. 

I don’t know why I find this desire confusing. 

Anyway, that was a ramble..

I’m off to go really enjoy my day



21 thoughts on “Too

  1. Hope it goes brilliantly and that you have good health through your winter. Am grateful for your posts and for the contributions of many of the people from your country

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      1. You’re cool. I feel similar about you guys when I turned off the TV and met Americans here and around the world. In your own country I have never met better more generous hosts. Was not a huge fan of George W though

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  2. You know what really made me smile? To read ‘my guy’ in the first ten words of your post. 🙂
    And if he makes you feel this good? I’m really happy for you!
    Happy Thanksgiving Cinn. Hope you do enjoy (or did enjoy) your day.

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