Funny ?

If you ever came to my home, you would find it to be clean and inviting. 

I have spent a lot of time making it a place that feels beautiful to me… And part of beautiful is clean

I have a thing about germs. If you’re sick, I am likely to disinfect your entire area… And possibly even you 😀

Joking… not joking 

I keep my home clean. It is one of the ways I gauge my depression actually… When I see dirty dishes or clothes piling up, I know that I am slipping into a bad place…

So when I saw this meme… I have to admit that my first thought was what a great idea this was. 

I am sure not everyone has looked at their toaster and wondered how to get it perfectly clean…

I have.

It’s a sickness…


31 thoughts on “Funny ?

  1. Ha! Don’t come to my house then. It’s a disaster zone! Or… do come, and feel free to let your sickness take over mine!

    I completely relate with the ‘when the dishes start piling up’ comment. At mine, it’s not as good an indicator to how poorly I’m doing as at yours, since my house is never perfectly clean, but… I know it’s less untidy and cleaner when I feel better within myself.

    This said, I gave up on the keeping things clean and tidy because I was tired of always cleaning up after everyone. I mean, the kids make it much dirtier than I do, so I don’t mind doing the laundry and dishwasher thing regularly, but I refuse to pick up after them. I have other things to spend my energy on. Especially at the moment. Many many other things.

    Sigh. Often, I wish I were tidier. But I’m not. And it’s OK. For me. 🙂

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  2. never could get my extension into the double cavity of the thing…I like to turn the toaster over and dump everything out onto the counter. Then, sweep everything with my hand onto the floor. Now Mr.Vacuum can suck it all up and it will disappear inside the belly of the machine. No crumbs, no complaints, and no problems! 🙂

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  3. The concept is practical but no thank you! Keep in mind that I use my attachment nozzle to sweep up icky sticky spiderwebs, dead flies out of window sills, and pet hair from under furniture and such. Not to mention I use my sweeper extension in the bathroom to get behind the toilet area. My dogs love congregating in the bathroom for some reason and they always leave a trail of hair behind them wherever they go. No way is that nozzle going anywhere near my toaster 🙂 I’ll stick to turning it upside down and shaking it all out in the trash bin.

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