Yesterday, everything came to a head at work. HR was involved, and our district manager…

I finally broke down and took half a Xanax to calm my nerves. Funny thing about me, even when I’m falling apart… I look perfectly calm on the outside.

I mastered that as a child. 

 That sentence there… Says a lot doesn’t it? I learned to perfectly hide my feelings as a child.

Anyway… It ended up with the transfer, and I am happy with that.  Mostly because I don’t have to deal with the crazy anymore 

But… What this post is really about… I finally gave in and asked for help.

I prayed. What’s more than that, I asked several friends to pray for me…

And even before things were solved, I started to feel relief. Not just Xanax relief. Lol

I don’t know about you… I don’t ask God for help often.

It is not about how I see him/her ( I believe gender is something of our world and understanding personally ) …. it is about how I see myself

Anyway… there’s no great wrap up here. Other than, I just want to remind people that they are loved… And sometimes it’s good to be reminded that there are forces in the universe much greater than ourselves… And sometimes we need to be surrounded by that love.

Thank you anyone who prays for me… Or sends any kind of good energy out into the world in my name.

The darkness is lifting again…


16 thoughts on “Relief

    1. No worries. It’s a crazy time of year. I’ve been too overwhelmed to even respond much on other’s blogs. I just like most of the team and then feel bad for not commenting.
      It’s ridiculous but it’s my wiring 😐

      Merry Christmas 🎄🎁❤️

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  1. I am so glad to hear you can now see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I pray it grows brighter every day.
    And I’ll be joining you in thanking God, as I too have a big work-related thing change to be thankful for. ❤


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  2. When I had my first surgery, my mother – who is the superintendent of Sunday school at our church – gave me one piece of advice that I don’t always think about but it put my mind at rest and removed my fears: Put it all in God’s hands and He will take care of you.

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