That’s how

Love and sparkles ✨❤


4 thoughts on “That’s how

  1. 6 of one. Half a dozen of the other. We need to get off our asses. Most people would be dead within a week if they had no money or a piece of plastic in the wallet. Like a cop without his uniform.


  2. I say his because most of the female cops here can sort out situations like drcent human beings… until the boys club gets them with booze after the shift. Either way the glass ceiling is present even though the boys in this city are making more money spinners out of scaffolding feminism. Amazing what drugs, booze, and communication (Goebels) can do. Hail to the monkey.


  3. We had a state premier here call wife beating “depression” so keep an eye on the PTSD claims which makes it harder for those of us who actually have it. We have nothing other than our values and code of honor and the mental toughness to live by it no matter how much pain. We can’t hurt innocent people because we don’t fear.
    Mother Earth needs us to stop our mother being raped for money. Grow up.


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