Like many people my age, I’ve checked off doing most.., all ( ? ) the “Nevers” I wouldn’t do…

So, I don’t often say I will never do anything anymore…

But, until I met my friend Scarlet… I used to say things like I’m probably going to always be alone… etc etc…

She has taught me to be more aware of the things I am putting out into the universe… Much less my own head…

Passing this along because I think it’s a good lesson for many people


6 thoughts on “Never

  1. Yes! I learned this not too long ago. About circulating positive things in your head and saying positive out into the world. Here’s a little story. its true. My best friend was the youngest of 5. one of her brothers alwasy introduced her as ‘ the shy quiet one’ . and when she heard this, she would BE that. Because that is what they expected of her and it was easier to fit that mold instead of breaking it down and being what she really was. fun, and outgoing!
    i catch myself setting a mold of myself sometimes even if it is simple and small. like ‘ oh i probably wont finish this movie, i’ll get bored etc’. or ‘ its taking me my lifetime to find someone i fall in love with’.
    thank you for sharing! its a boost for me to continue!

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  2. YES! I feel this to be so true. By saying something will never happen you’re building walls in front of yourself, your negative thinking will not allow you to move forward. I’ve also been trying my best to shift this negative mindset to more positive, hopeful one.

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  3. My Darling Cinnamon, I just saw this! I am so honored that you feel I have taught you anything. ♡ I’m sorry I haven’t been around wordpress but I hope you know you have a permanent spot in my heart. Xoxo 🙂

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