Spreading light ✨

Please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them on this 

Happy Friday ❤️


6 thoughts on “Spreading light ✨

  1. I have a special connection with the moon so couldn’t agree more.
    I think it is very true in my life too, The Dancer reflects my light so that I can be reminded it exists, and I in turn reflect the light of the children around me, empowering them to embrace their strengths and brighten the lives around them.

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    1. Everyone interprets things differently 😍
      I took it like we reflect the people who surround us in life, so we want to spend time with those who glorify the good ( light ) in us


  2. to me, it means to be there with positive energy and encouraging words spoken with genuine love from the heart when a friend or stranger is down or is losing their way in life, extending a hand to those that have nothing, and on the flip side, if a person, friend or stranger is very positive and things are going good or they are succeeding, be genuinely happy for them, take in their joy and positive energy and send it back out 10 fold to them as well as the world, you just may give someone hope, without hope there is nothing, but with hope, anything is possible.

    cheesy I know 😦 but it’s what I take from your post.

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